ACU 2020 launches a Class action Lawsuit – Oct 17, 2020
The German ACU 2020 – extra-parliamentary corona Commission has collected the testimonies of numerous leading international scientific experts, thus unmasking the corona crisis as a corona scandal/fraud on an unprecedented scale.
The initiators of ACU2020, in the person of the lawyer Fuellmich, are launching one of the largest lawsuits ever in the form of a Class Action Lawsuit.This kind of trial enables many victims at the same time to open a case against a third party responsible for mass damage. The criminal organisations responsible for causing an immense global health and economic catastrophe for whole populations will be brought to justice for crimes against humanity.
In this impressive 49-minute video by lawyer Reiner Fuellmich, all the facts are made crystal clear.

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Judgment of the Court of Appeal 28 Oct 2020
Judgment of the Court of Appeal of Brussels on Covid 19: There is no legal framework and insufficient scientific basis for the measures.

Text was circulated to all Belgian media.

The judge ruled that the measures taken must now be scientifically based, that is to say their usefulness have been proven.
The measures proposed by the plaintiffs are plausible.
The focus should be on

  • protection of patients at risk
  • Strengthening care – general practitioners, hospitals, elderly homes
  • open up the econom and give people back their freedom

Text of the Judgment
Press release judgment

Belgian court rejects a fine for ‚failure to respect quarantine‘ as unconstitutional – 13 Oct 2020

Citizens fight unconstitutional curfew – 26 Oct 2020


Berlin court rejects curfew for bars/restaurants as disproportionate – 16 Oct 2020


Court rejects partial lockdown of Madrid – 8 Oct 2020


A legal top team is preparing the individual criminal prosecution of the Parliament members that signed the Coronvirus Act 2020 for fraud, treason and genocide – unseen since WW II.



An association of lawyers ( initiates Covid fraud proceedings against the corrupt Australian government


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